Service for Wind Energy Project
Sufficient wind establishments and the existence of an infrastructure are the basics for the feasibility of a wind energy project. In order to ensure wind turbines and their support structures perform well at the specific site, each site needs to be evaluated upon its characteristics. Wind speed, landscape character, environmental designations and distance from infrastructure are all important factors in a wind energy project. Bora Energy provides site assessment services including feasibility reports for wind energy.

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Installation and Services for Wind Turbines
Knowing our wind turbines like no-one else we are ideally able to install multiple wind energy projects worldwide. Starting from infrastructure, logistics, installation, commissioning until technical operation and regular maintenance. Our expert installation team provides full installation service and supervision

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Rotor Blade Inspection and Repair
Rotor blades are a vital component of wind turbines and should be handled with care. We provide rotor blade inspection and repair based on long experience in FRP handling. Blades can be inspected and repaired either mounted on the wind turbine or on the ground.

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