Why is Bora Energy’s Series of Wind Turbines efficient?
  • Technologies such as Blade Pitch Control, Direct-Drive Generator and Advanced Power Management make Bora’s series of wind turbines generators one of the most efficient in the mid-sized category.
  • Bora’s modular construction, remote monitoring, and compact size make the series of wind turbines generators ideal for installation and access.
  • Bora Energy’s Direct-Drive generator (nacelle) and large rotor blades are designed for shipment in a standard 40’ shipping containers, which provide secure and universally adaptable freight mode for worldwide delivery.
  • Bora works globally through qualified distributors to find the most cost-effective foundation and tower solutions for the selected site.
  • Bora Energy’s series of wind turbines are also adaptable to existing towers, making an ideal high-efficiency solution for old machines to be replaced.

Bora Specializes in three size turbines: